AI-powered software enables superior analysis of prostate MRI images at Kliniek Sint-Jan in Brussels

October 2023 Health Innovation Willem van Altena

As the first hospital in Brussels, Kliniek Sint-Jan has started using a new imaging technique to analyse MRI images of the prostate faster and more precisely. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the software programme Quantib Prostate can greatly improve treatment.

When a prostate problem is suspected, Kliniek Sint-Jan first takes an MRI scan of the prostate. Based on that scan, a radiologist then describes the suspicious area he sees, determines the volume, and gives a score (PI-RADS) that determines the likelihood of prostate cancer. A low score means the prostate should be looked at regularly, an average score means other parameters are also analysed, and a high score means the radiologist lines up the lesion and performs a biopsy. In some hospitals, a second radiologist also reviews the MRI images. 

Quantib Prostate

In this whole process, Kliniek Sint-Jan now enlists the help of AI software: Quantib Prostate. The programme automates certain steps. For example, it marks possible lesions, and can outline and segment them with the click of a button if the radiologist detects them as suspicious. The software guides the doctor through a standardised protocol with the PI-RADS score and an analysis of other parameters. Moreover, the output can be useful at the next stage, in treatment. If radiation is needed with a radiotherapy device, the software can delineate the area to be treated.

Dr Janne Elst, radiologist at Kliniek Sint-Jan: “This technique is interesting for the doctor and the patient. Radiologists’ work is made easier and the results are more accurate. By using AI, no step is overlooked. The radiologist can use the recommendations of artificial intelligence to save time and refine conclusions. The patient gets a qualitative diagnosis faster, allowing early detection of prostate cancer and starting the follow-up or treatment plan.”

Tailor-made care

Dr Peter De Wil, head of the urology service at Kliniek Sint-Jan: “Artificial intelligence is important for the future of healthcare. Quantib Prostate also supports us in determining a patient’s treatment or care plan. Radiologists, urologists, other doctors and paramedics discuss the standardised protocols together in the Multidisciplinary Oncology Consultation. Every patient and diagnosis is different, so we tailor the care accordingly.”

With the purchase of the software, the urology department of Kliniek Sint-Jan is once again using an innovative technique to provide the best care to people with prostate cancer. A few months ago, the clinic launched Lutetium-PSMA treatment for patients with metastatic prostate cancer, and for several years the MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy and REZUM technique have been applied. 

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