Immunotherapy Highlights

BJMO - volume 12, issue 4, august 2018

B. Neyns MD, PhD, G. Awada MD, J. K. Schwarze

This article will summarize the key data in the field of immunotherapy presented during the 2018 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

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Long-term survival in immunotherapy treated patients with unresectable advanced melanoma

BJMO - volume 11, issue 9, february 2017

B. Neyns MD, PhD, G. Awada MD, A. Rogiers MD

Over the past 10 years, several effective new therapies have been developed for patients with advanced melanoma. Since 2010, the primary endpoint of every major phase III trial in this setting has been met, revolutionizing the treatment options and survival for patients with unresectable advanced melanoma. With increasing numbers of patients experiencing durable remissions with these agents, even without continuing therapy, the issue of melanoma survival care becomes of relevance to more patients than ever before.

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