De-escalation of therapy in head and neck cancer: Where are we standing now, anno 2022?

BJMO - volume 16, issue 4, june 2022

W. Lybaert MD, R. de Bree MD, PhD, J. Meulemans MD, PhD, J-F. Daisne MD, PhD, F. Duprez MD, PhD, D. Nevens MD, PhD, R. Van Hoeyweghen MD, PhD, K. Boeykens RN , J. De Ceulaer MD, W. Huvenne MD, PhD, O. Lenssen MD


The annual winter meeting of the ‘Vlaamse Werkgroep Hoofd-Hals Tumoren’ on 11 December 2021 handled the different possible de-escalation strategies in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck region (SCCHN) in anno 2022. Which surgical techniques can be used nowadays to diminish long-term morbidities in SCCHN? To which extent can we lower radiotherapy doses and regions in the treatment planning of SCCHN? Are the systemic treatment options of SCCHN always radical for each patient or more personalised? Is a comprehensive geriatric assessment feasible and already used in our head and neck oncology practice? Last but not least, how can we optimally sustain our patients with nutrition before, during and after treatment of head and neck cancer?

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2022;16(4):198–208)

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Giant cell tumour of the jaw: a new hope for a difficult-to-treat disease

BJMO - volume 6, issue 6, december 2012

D. Schrijvers MD, PhD, D. van den Weyngaert MD, O. Lenssen MD, S. De Clercq , D. De Surgeloose MD

Recurrent giant cell tumour of the bone is a difficult to treat and mutilating disease. A patient with a recurrent giant cell tumour of the jaw is reported. He received multiple treatments with surgery and bisphosphonates. Due to progressive disease he was treated with denosumab with good result. An overview of giant cell tumour of the bone is given. (BELG J MED ONCOL 2012;6:201–203)

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