Highlights from the 5th International Congress of Breast Disease Centres

BJMO - volume 9, issue 2, may 2015

D. Verhoeven MD, PhD, Wim Demey MD, I. Biltjes MD, P. Dirix MD, PhD, P. Van Dam MD, PhD, M. Strijbos MD, PhD, C. Langenaeken MD

The 5th International Congress of Breast Disease Centres was held in Antwerp, February 5–7, 2015, following previous versions in Paris. The focus was on multidisciplinary care, quality management, and economic issues. Over fifty key opinion leaders from all over the world (fifteen countries, four continents) discussed different aspects of multidisciplinary breast care. Among the participants were the presidents of professional societies such as EUSOMA, ECCO, ESTRO, NAPBC USA, and the general director of SIS. The next congress will be held in Paris, February 4–6, 2016.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2015;9(2):77–9)

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