O.03 Identification of candidate breast cancer predisposition genes by sequencing extended panel of 492 cancer associated genes in BRCA1/2 negative probands

BJMO - 2017, issue 3, february 2017

R.B. Shahi MSc, B. Caljon , S. De Brakeleer PhD, L. Decoster MD, PhD, C. Fontaine MD, L. Vanacker MD, M. Vanhoeij , I. Pauwels , M-L. Bonduelle , S. Van Dooren PhD, D. Croes , E. Teugels PhD, J. De Grève MD, PhD

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Parp inhibitors

BJMO - volume 10, issue 7, november 2016

J. De Grève MD, PhD, L. Decoster MD, PhD, R.B. Shahi MSc, C. Fontaine MD, L. Vanacker MD, I. Pauwels , E. Denayer MD, PhD, S. De Brakeleer PhD, E. Teugels PhD


Inhibition of Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 has relatively recently entered the clinic. The ground-breaking drug both scientifically and clinically was olaparib, but several other PARP inhibitors are in development. This treatment is the first to therapeutically exploit mutant recessive cancer genes. In this review we discuss the discovery of this treatment, the preclinical and clinical studies, as well as some future perspectives.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2016;10(7):263–275)

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