Locally advanced rectal cancer: What is the best perioperative strategy?

BJMO - volume 14, issue 6, october 2020

I. Joye MD, S. Vanderkam MD, N. Meireson , R. Weytjens MD


The treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer involves a multidisciplinary approach in which total mesorectal excision usually is preceeded by (chemo)radiotherapy. Depending on risk factors, adjuvant chemotherapy is frequently applied. Preoperative short course radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy result in high local control rates. However, the high risk on systemic relapse and the appealing concept of organ preservation urge researchers to explore alternative perioperative strategies. This review provides an overview of the established role of preoperative short course radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy, as well as the evidence so far for short course radiotherapy with delayed surgery, induction chemotherapy and for neoadjuvant chemotherapy without radiotherapy.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2020;14(6):254-62)

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Partial breast irradiation of early-stage breast cancer

BJMO - volume 14, issue 4, june 2020

M. Machiels MD, PhD, D. Nevens MD, PhD, K. Erven MD, PhD, G. Buelens MD, C. Billiet MD, PhD, Y. Geussens MD, P. Janssens MD, S. Vanderkam MD, R. Weytjens MD


Whole-breast irradiation, as part of breast-conservation therapy (BCT), has been well-established the last decades. Nonetheless, most local recurrences found after BCT are within or close to the tumour bed. This led to the concept of partial breast irradiation (PBI), delivering the radiation dose to a decreased target volume, thereby lowering exposure to the organs at risk and hence potentially minimizing late adverse effects. This became increasingly important with growing survivorship of patients with early-stage breast cancer over the past decades and the consideration of late adverse effects is gaining more importance. In this review, we will present an overview of the current literature, techniques to deliver PBI and we try to establish whether there is a place for PBI in early-stage breast cancer treatment.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2020;14(4):140–45)

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