May 2021 BSMO Meeting 2021 Tom Feys
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Presented by: Sandrine Aspeslagh, MD (UZ Brussel, Belgium)

For physicians and allied healthcare professionals working within Oncology and Haematology in Belgium, a new, national board has been set up in collaboration with the BSMO. Healthcare providers are encouraged to submit questions they encounter in clinical practice relating to immunotoxicities and the dysimmunity of their patients, through an online questionnaire, found on the BSMO website.

Bi-monthly virtual meetings will discuss submitted cases with a guest panel of healthcare professions who are best suited to provide insights into these challenging clinical scenarios. A written report of each meeting will also be produced. Immunotoxicity can be rare, and this new board has been set up specifically to share experience in managing these events. Furthermore, a large proportion of these patients are not eligible for clinical trials and the knowledge gained from managing these clinically complex patients should be shared, with the aim of standardising an approach to immune-related adverse events.

The board will also identify clinically relevant research questions and produce registers of severe immune-related adverse events and special populations. Medical professionals with immunotherapy-based questions related to their patients are encouraged to submit these cases to the board using the immunomanager questionnaire, found on the BSMO website (bsmo. be), with the first virtual meeting scheduled for March 1st, 2021. Interested physicians without a case to discuss are also encouraged to participate, and can contact Sandrine Aspeslagh ( for an invitation.

BELG J MED ONCOL 2021;15(3):134-44

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