The annual International Oncology Leadership Conference (IOLC) brings together physicians and administrative professionals from around the world to share best practices and to discuss future trends and challenges affecting the provision of cancer care. Following prior IOLC meetings in London and Milan, the conference in 2019 took place in Antwerp. Chairperson Prof. Didier Verhoeven and the planning committee organised an engaging agenda which was divided into three parts: economy, technology, and patient engagement/leadership. One of the main purposes of this conference is to compare US and European approaches and to learn from each other. Attendees from thirteen countries participated at the IOLC 2019. IOLC is presented by the Association of Cancer Executives and in partnership with Hauck & Associates, Inc. Some interesting points of the meeting are mentioned below.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2020;14(2):84–5)