The improvements in breast cancer treatment have resulted in an increased survival rate and a growing number of breast cancer survivors. These survivors have to learn to cope with the side effects of breast cancer treatment. These side effects often have an important impact on patient’s general and sexual well-being. In clinical care, sexual side effects are often un(der)recognised because physicians and patients experience barriers to discussing sexuality-related issues. It is, nevertheless, important and relevant to discuss sexuality during the various stages of (breast) cancer treatment. For young women at the start of breast cancer treatment, fertility-related questions may arise. During the different phases of breast cancer treatment, sexual functioning and sexual experience may be altered by the physical, psychosocial, and relational impact of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. This article aimed to highlight easy-to-use methods to discuss sexuality proactively for any healthcare provider involved in the care of the cancer patient. Mentioning sexuality in the early stages of (breast) cancer treatment and addressing sexual sequelae of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve patients’ quality of life.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2023;17(7):252–8)