“The United States is a long way from achieving clinical equity among its people” said Joe Elia, editor of NEJM Group in the introduction of the eBook on Racial Disparities in Clinical Medicine which was distributed among all ASCO members in June 2021. It is not without reason that this eBook is coming out now. In the President’s Address, Lori J Pierce mentioned how segregation impacts on health care. “Today”, she said, “ensuring equity of care – that is our good fight, this is the foundation of ASCO”. It was interesting to notice that this topic also got attention in the Gynaecological Cancer track of the meeting. Overall, ASCO 2021 featured 14 presentations on cervical cancer, 32 on uterine cancer and 60 on ovarian cancer. The most important messages of these different presentations will be discussed in this article.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2021;15(5):197-205)