SABCS 2022 featured a plethora of interesting presentations in the field of hormone receptor-positive (HR+) breast cancer (BC). In the early disease setting, updated results were presented for the MonarchE trial, evaluating adjuvant abemaciclib + endocrine therapy (ET). Results were also presented for the SWOG S1207 study, assessing the addition of everolimus to adjuvant ET, together with 12-year results of TAILORx. A final early-stage study evaluated the Breast Cancer Index as a tool to select pre-menopausal patients for whom ovarian function suppression (OFS) will likely not be beneficial. In the advanced setting, the RIGHT Choice study assessed ribociclib plus ET in patients with aggressive forms of metastatic HR+ BC. Several novel treatment strategies were also evaluated in the metastatic HR+ setting. CAPItello-291 tested the AKT inhibitor capivasertib plus fulvestrant (CAPItello-291), while several other studies addressed the use of selective oestrogen receptor degraders (SERDs) in this setting. Finally, an analysis of the phase III TROPICS-2 study was presented evaluating the efficacy of Sacituzumab Govitecan in function of Trop-2 expression levels.