The most important lung cancer news at ASCO 2023 came from the ADAURA trial, showing a significant overall survival (OS) benefit from adjuvant osimertinib in patients with early-stage EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Also in the early-stage setting, three different studies showed the clinical potential of using immunotherapy in the (neo)adjuvant treatment of non-oncogene-driven NSCLC patients. In the advanced setting, KEYNOTE-789 did not show a benefit with the addition of pembrolizumab to chemotherapy in EGFR-mutant advanced NSCLC patients progressing on first-line anti-EGFR TKI therapy. In the same setting, two new EGFR TKIs (BLU-945 and sunvozertinib) yielded promising results. Finally, retrospective data brought further insights into the optimal treatment duration of immunotherapy and on the use of chemoimmunotherapy in older NSCLC patients.

(Belg J Med Oncol 2023;17(5):183–6)