At ASCO 2023, updated distant metastasis-free survival data from KEYNOTE-716 trial provided additional support for the use of adjuvant pembrolizumab in Stage IIB/IIC melanoma. While a biomarker analysis of the CheckMate 76K study provides some insights into biomarkers that correlate with a greater benefit from adjuvant nivolumab, these factors unfortunately do not allow a selection of the most suitable patients for this therapy in daily practice. In addition to this, promising data were generated with a new immune-oncology strategy combining a personalised therapeutic RNA vaccine and pembrolizumab in patients with stage III melanoma. Finally, a two-year update of the RELATIVITY-047 trial confirmed the benefit of nivolumab plus relatlimab over nivolumab alone in patients with previously untreated, unresectable, or metastatic melanoma.

(Belg J Med Oncol 2023;17(5):89–92)