Over the past years, next-generation imaging such as multiparametric whole body MRI and PSMA-PET/CT scans have been gaining momentum. Nonetheless, Prof. Padhani argues not to throw bone scintigraphy and CT scans (BS/ CT scans) out just yet. On the contrary, he puts BS/CT scans at the centre of patient care in men with locally advanced prostate cancer (LAPC). However, BS/ CT also comes with important limitations for which next-generation imaging (NGI) can serve as a problem solver after BS/CT scan assessments. During his talk at the BMUC 2022 meeting, Prof. Padhani emphasized the proven prognostic role of BS/CT scans, their predictive role in directing pelvic radiotherapy and for oncologic drug development. Finally, he argued that higher-quality evidence on the management and/or outcomes is needed before BS/CT scans can be substituted by NGI.1