Cancer nursing is a profession in full development. In oncology, as well as in other domains, nursing roles have evolved substantially to better meet patients’ needs and expectations, the complexity of evidence-based (nursing) practice and to better fit needs related to quickly evolving oncology treatments and services. The recognition of advanced practice nurses (APN) in the Belgian legislation in 2019 may further stimulate the implementation of advanced practice nursing in interdisciplinary care, and in oncology in particular. APN have completed a master’s degree as well as additional education and training in a specific clinical domain, such as oncology. The core competencies of APN are clinical practice; expert coaching and guidance; consultation; collaboration; improvement of quality care and innovation; leadership; research and ethical decision-making. APN share a care-oriented focus and person-centred approach. Besides their role in direct clinical practice, APN create an added value in quality improvement, innovation and implementation of evidence-based nursing practice. Therefore, APN closely collaborate with nursing staff, medical staff, other healthcare professionals, management and stakeholders.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2020;14(3):93–9)