The Belgian Virtual Tumourbank (BVT) network has been set up in order to facilitate the search for samples scattered among eleven Belgian tumour biobanks that collect and store residual human tumour samples locally. To achieve this, the central database (BVTr) collects patient, technical and oncological data of human residual samples stored locally in a harmonised and standardised way. In parallel, the catalogue (BVTc) enables researchers to trace the samples required for their oncology research. The implementation of automatic and manual data quality control steps guarantees a high quality of associated data from residual tumour samples and associated materials. This article presents the results of a new quality control study on breast sample data and the possibilities for researchers searching for samples. The BVT catalogue is a valuable source of information for oncology research. The ultimate goal is to promote multidisciplinary cancer research to benefit all cancer patients.

(BELG J MED ONCOL 2023;17(6):206–10)