Platform All.Can aims to limit wastage in cancer care

March 2019 Healthy Living Willem van Altena
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All.Can Belgium is the name of a new platform that focuses on innovative, sustainable cancer care that puts the patient central. The platform wants to face the challenge of a rising number of cancer patients along with rising expenses on national healthcare.

Within the platform All.Can care professionals, healthcare experts, patient groups, healthcare economists, policy makers and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry join forces in order to mobilise and restructure cancer care in Belgium. Without these measures, there is a real risk that cancer care will become too expensive in the future, even halting progress in cancer research.

All.Can is an international platform that is also active in Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Being able to learn from each other across borders is one of the objectives of All.Can.


One of the main ways in which All.Can aims to raise efficiency is by reducing wastage of time, money and resources. Innovation is a key factor in this, and we are at a time where great breakthroughs are made in the field of diagnostics, imaging, biomarkers, gene and cell therapy, precision medicine, real world data and more. Amidst this ever-changing field, the role of the patient is shifting as well, taking on a much more active role in his treatment.

All.Can Belgium unites stakeholders in the field of cancer care in a way hitherto unseen in Belgium. Finding ways to prevent wastage and raising efficiency is the first objective of All.Can. The five main goals are:

  • Align stakeholders on a joint vision on cancer care and create stakeholder support for this vision
  • Initiate and realise projects to deliver on the vision
  • Propose solutions that contribute to more efficient and innovative cancer care
  • Proactively provide input to the policy debate
  • Create societal support for the vision.


Belgian cancer patients will also have the chance to participate in the global All.Can patient survey. This survey will allow a better understanding of patient experiences in relation to the information, support and care received during treatment. It provides an opportunity to compare the perspective of Belgian patients to that of cancer patients in other participating countries.