Run To Kick benefits Belgian children with cancer more than ever before

September 2022 Cancer trials Willem van Altena

The 5th edition of Run To Kick will take place on the 25th of september, around the Atomium in Brussels. Niels Destadsbader will kick off the annual solidarity run that aims to raise funds for KickCancer, the Belgian foundation that focuses on paediatric cancers. Other famous faces will be singer Angèle and father and son Jacques and Kevin Borlée. This year’s aim for Run To Kick is to raise 1 million euros for the funding of five European research projects into improved treatments for children with cancer. For the first time, all selected projects are also accessible to Belgian patients. People who want to participate in the run can register until 21 september.

Run To Kick forms part of Fight Kids Cancer, a joint initiative of patient organisations in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Italy. The joint ambition is to raise as much money as possible to fund research into paediatric cancers. The main goals are to cure more children, and to eliminate long-term effects of cancer treatments in children. This year, the joint target is 4.75 million euro that will finance 5 research projects.

International search

Paediatric oncologist Bram De Wilde (UZ Gent) explains why this funding is crucial. “Thanks to funding by KickCancer Belgian hospitals are able to participate in international clinical trials. This offers an opportunity for Belgian children who suffer from neuroblastoma or leukaemia to participate in the international search for innovative treatments, while staying in their own trusted environment. Making these therapies available for as many children as possible is the best strategy towards improving the chance of curing these children.”

Importance of innovation

KickCancer founder Delphine Heenen is thrilled that Belgian children may be eligible to participate in all of this year’s selected research projects. “We cannot underestimate the importance of innovation for Belgian children with cancer. Almost all innovative cancer treatments that are picked up on by the media involve adult patients, and are sadly unavailable for children. Furthermore, the negative long-term effects of these treatments constitute a major problem. Think of growth impairment, cognitive impairment, chronical illnesses at a later age and even amputation.”

Run To Kick

Everyone who wishes to participate in Run To Kick, and contribute to research into paediatric cancer can enlist and run along on 25 september. There are runs of 2,5 and 10 kilometres, and the official kick-off takes place at 11 am. Participants are invited to create their own fundraising page on the Run To Kick website, and share it with family and friends.

Run along

If you wish to participate in Run To Kick, you can visit The final date of admission is 21 september. Participating costs 10 euro, and every runner pledges to raise at least 200 euros (100 euros for runners under 18 years old and students). A video on the website will give pointers on how to raise funds effectively.

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Photo: Antoine Melis