Surgical treatment update for RCC patients from European urology congress

July 2022 EAU 2022 Nalinee Pandey
Kidney cancer, renal cell carcinoma, 3D illustration and light micrograph

Many exciting studies about surgical management of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) were presented at Amsterdam’s 37th Annual European association of urology (EAU) congress. These studies may provide new strategies for effectively managing RCCs.

One of the presented studies by Vitruk e.a. was a retrospective analysis comparing cytoreductive partial nephrectomy (PN) versus cytoreductive radical nephrectomy (RN). The study included 109 patients (55 and 54 undergoing PN and RN) with renal parenchymal volume more significant than 50%. Patients undergoing PN had significantly longer 5-year survival compared to the RN group (32.1 vs 15.5 months). Additionally, patients in the PN group experienced a 38% decreased risk of death.

Robotic radiosurgery

Another retrospective single-centre study by Rodler e.a. analysed the safety of robotic radiosurgery and its effectiveness for treating aged lung metastases. The study included 50 patients (49 with clear cell and 1 with papillary RCC) with a median age of 64. Among 50 patients, 64% had oligometastatic disease, and 21% received systemic therapy during RRS. Median overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) were 35 and 13 months, respectively. Only six patients experienced adverse events (grade 1 or 2). These findings demonstrate the safety and efficacy of this surgical procedure for RCC.

The third study by Roussel e.a. characterised perioperative morbidities associated with surgical metastasectomy by examining 30-day complications after the procedure. The study enrolled 522 patients undergoing surgical metstasectomies. This procedure’s 30-day complication rate was very low (8.4%) compared to high-grade postoperative morbidity (25%), as reflected in the population registry data.


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