App matches breast cancer patients in US with suitable available clinical trials

June 2020 Health of Tomorrow Willem van Altena
Pensive Caucasian young Woman with cancer after radiation therapy in her home reading text messages on her smartphone in front of PC computer during the day.

A new web platform with an added app helps American women with metastasized breast cancer (mbc) to find clinical trials that are best suited to their situation. MBC Connect 2.0 is an interactive, Web- and mobile-friendly patient experience registry, set up by the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA), the largest coalition of nonprofit breast cancer organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and patient organizations in the USA.

The patients who use the app are invited to enter their demographic information as well as disease history. An algorithm within the app searches the database, the U.S. government’s official registry of clinical trials for potential trial matches. The more data the user enters, the more precise the app is able to provide targeted clinical trial options. All data is encrypted and accessible to the patient only.

Lifesaving treatments

MBC Connect 2.0 simplifies the current trial search process, which often prevents many patients from discovering potentially lifesaving, available treatments. With the current cumbersome search process, many physicians and their patients often remain unaware of clinical trial options that could benefit the patients.

Breast cancer story

MBC Connect 2.0 also allows patients to keep a record of their own metastatic breast cancer story and easily share it with their care team and doctors, along with potential clinical trial matches. MBC Connect 2.0 is available as a free app for Android and iOS devices but is also accessible via a Web browser, in both English and Spanish. Presently MBC Connect only lists clinical trials that take place in the USA.

More information

Visit the website of MBC Connect.