Volume 16, Issue 6, October 2022



Tailoring systemic treatment after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with early breast cancer

E. Agostinetto, V. Debien, G. Nader-Marta, D. Martins-Branco, E. de Azambuja

The impact of sarcopenia in oncology Patients

N. Baczewska, C. van Marcke, R. Poncin, L. Duck

Lung cancer screening in 2022: How should we screen optimally?

J.P. Van Meerbeeck, A. Snoeckx


Belgian clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of patients with HER2-positive advanced breast cancer

G. Nader-Marta, F.P. Duhoux, D. Taylor, T. Van den Mooter, H. Denys, J-L. Canon, J. Mebis, A. Awada, H. Wildiers, K. Punie, E. de Azambuja


Vascular malformations: Repurposing the role of anti-cancer targeted molecular inhibitors

E. Seront, V. Dekeuleneer, A. van Damme, L. Boon, M. Vikkula


Giant cell tumour of the jaw: Long-term treatment with denosumab in two patients

G. Meert, D. Schrijvers

Stromal tumour of unknown malignant potential of the prostate: A case report and review of the literature

L. Schillebeeckx, L. Marcelis, M. Baldewijns, K. Dewulf, C. Mai, P. Willemen, I. Vanden Bempt, S. Joniau, M. Albersen, W. Everaerts


A collective report of EMUC21 and ESUI21: Critical updates, highlights and hot topics

H. Van Poppel, G. Salomon

Highlights of the European Neuroendocrine Tumour Society Congress

W. Lybaert, T. Vandamme, L. Mariƫn, O. Islam, I. Van der Massen, I. Karfis, H. Eggers, M. Peeters