Volume 14, Issue 6, October 2020



Management of Mucinous Ovarian Cancer in 2020: literature survey

M-P. Graas, N. Blétard, M. Bourhaba, C. Focan

Locally advanced rectal cancer: What is the best perioperative strategy?

I. Joye, S. Vanderkam, N. Meireson, R. Weytjens

Incidence of breast cancer subtypes in Belgium: a population-based study

L. van Walle, J. Vandeven, C. Colpaert, FP. Duhoux, P. Neven, L. Van Eycken, N. van Damme


Precision therapy in pancreaticobiliary cancers: molecular testing for all?

J-L. van Laethem, L. Mans, A. Demols

Biosimilars in oncology - Part I: The principles of biosimilars

E. Moorkens, Y. Vandenplas, T. Barcina Lacosta, L. Barbier, AG. Vulto

Biosimilars in Oncology – Part II: Considerations about the clinical use of oncology biosimilars

L. Barbier, T. Barcina Lacosta, E. Moorkens, Y. Vandenplas, AG. Vulto


Highlights of the European Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (ENETS) Congress

W. Lybaert, T. Vandamme, G. Boons, L. De Backer, M. Peeters, NETwerk Antwerpen-Waasland, ENETS Centre of Excellence